Consumer Electronics Show 2002

By: Janice Clark

In 2002, the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) hosted more than 1,900 exhibitors and 100,000 attendees from over 110 countries! Now in its 35th year, this is the world's largest annual trade show for consumer technology. CES is the show that debuted the VCR, CD player and more. The U.S. consumer electronics industry is a $90 billion a year industry, with the average American household purchasing $1,000 worth of consumer electronics each year.

This article highlights 20 of the most unique and interesting products at CES 2002!


SmaL: Ultra-Pocket Digital Camera

Thanks to its 6-millimeter-thin credit card size, SmaL's Ultra-Pocket digital camera has received worldwide attention from the media and consumers. In 2001, it was awarded "Best of CES" for the digital imaging category. Recently, this sleek camera received the distinction of "World's Thinnest Camera" by Guinness World Records 2002.

Its incredibly thin size has created an entirely new category of digital camera. The Ultra-Pocket's unique automatic brightness adaptive technology, called Autobrite, ensures that bright regions of a scene never saturate, while dimmer details always remain crisp and clear.


Features include:

  • Credit card size - 6mm (0.2 inches) thin
  • Internal battery recharges while you download images to your computer
  • Storage expansion slot for removable, reusable memory cards (SD card or MultiMedia card)
  • USB cable for fast and easy image downloading
  • PC/Mac compatible
  • Easy point-and-shoot use
  • VGA resolution of 640x480 pixels
  • User-friendly photo-album software

The Ultra-Pocket Digital Camera will be available in spring 2002 with a price tag of approximately $129.00. For more information, visit SMaL Camera Technologies.


Privacy Technologies: TeleZapper

Privacy Technologies, in its first year at CES, showed off its TeleZapper, which received the 2002 CES Innovation Award for excellence in design and engineering.

The TeleZapper is a small box that attaches to a telephone to dramatically reduce computer-dialed telemarketing calls. About 90 percent of all telemarketing calls are computer-dialed. Every time you pick up the phone or an answering machine kicks on and there's a telemarketing computer on the other end of the line, the TeleZapper emits a special tone that fools the telemarketing computer into thinking that the telephone number is disconnected. Within seconds, your phone number is dropped off the computer's list, and the telemarketer never gets through. Over time, your phone number is dropped from more and more lists.


TeleZapper plugs into any phone or phone jack. It won't interfere with normal calls, answering machines, voicemail, caller ID or call waiting. One TeleZapper covers all phones and answering machines connected to that line. There are no monthly fees or service charges. TeleZapper is available now and sells for $49.95. For more information, visit Privacy Technologies.


Available in February 2002 for the first time to the general consumer, the ADVANCED TASER stun gun made its debut at CES.

The ADVANCED TASER has seen increasing demand since the events of September 11, 2001. United Airlines will now be using them in its cockpits to maximize the safety of pilots, aircrews and travelers. Over 1,000 police agencies use ADVANCED TASERS as an alternative method to help them stop goal-orientated, focused and extremely resistant individuals.


The ADVANCED TASER comes in three models: The M18, M18-L and M-26. The M-26 is only available for police and government use.

The ADVANCED TASER fires two probes up to a distance of approximately 15 feet (4.6 meters). These probes are connected to the weapon by high-voltage wire. When the probes make contact with the target, the device transmits powerful electrical charges along the wires and into the body of the target through up to 2 inches (5 cm) of clothing.

Technical information on the M18 and M18-L:

  • Power - 18 watts
  • Power output - 50,000 volts (estimated)
  • 1.76 joules per pulse energy - five-second automatic timing cycle per discharge
  • Ambidextrous safeties
  • Battery indicator

For more information, visit TASER.


Fujitsu: PlasmaVision SlimScreen

The new Fujitsu 61-inch HDTV PlasmaVision SlimScreen monitor (PDS-6101) is an incredible plasma display. It brings movies, sporting events and TV shows to life with home theater impact and scale. It's also great for viewing the output from a game console or computer.

At 4.7 inches (12 cm) thin and weighing 134.5 pounds (61 kg), the PDS-6101 removes virtually all installation and aesthetic barriers, making it ideal for custom installations.


Specifications and advanced features:

  • Brightness - 600 cd/m2
  • Pixel count - 1365x768
  • Displayable colors - 16.77 million
  • Contrast ratio - 700:1
  • Viewing angle - 160 degrees
  • Power consumption - 700 watts
  • AVM - New single-chip digital video processor
  • Power-saving mode
  • Screen orbiter

PlasmaVision SlimScreen is expected to ship in late January 2002 with a price tag of approximately $25,000. For more information, visit Fujitsu.


Vtech: 5.8-GHz Cordless Phone

VTech made the announcement at the CES show that they would have the industry's first 5.8-gigahertz (GHz) cordless telephone.

This phone offers a superior set of features and a new, comfortable design. VTech has added two new exclusive features: enhanced audio performance and a "BOOST" button. The enhanced-audio-performance mode automatically activates when the system detects excess interference and/or reduced signal strength. The "BOOST" button is a manually activated feature, and when it's pressed the user will notice an immediate difference in audio quality.


Another benefit of the new 5.8-GHz phone is its two-phones-in-one functionality. Because the base unit has a speakerphone, keypad and display for call waiting and caller ID, it can be used as a standalone unit. The handset also comes with a built-in display for call waiting and caller ID, a hands-free speakerphone and a standalone charging unit, allowing it to be independent of the base unit. The system also allows for up to six handsets to be used with the base unit. No additional jacks are required!

Additional features:

  • Enhanced 5.8-GHz technology - Highest sound clarity available
  • Vibrating ringer
  • Handset-to-handset operation
  • Conference-call capability
  • Dual battery charging system with power backup
  • Headset compatibility
  • Belt clip
  • Wall-mountable design

The 5.8-GHz cordless phone is scheduled to be available in August 2002 with a suggested retail price of $179.00. For more information, visit VTech.



Imation introduced both the RipGO! and the FlashGO! at this year's show.


Imation displayed the recently released Imation RipGO! mini CD-R burner and digital audio player. The smallest device available today for both recording compressed music on CDs and high-performance playback of digital music in MP3 and Microsoft® Windows Media (WMA) formats. Providing full support for the Microsoft Windows XP operating system and WMA, it delivers an all-in-one experience for creating, capturing and playing digital music on computers and portable music players.


Designed to fit in the palm of your hand and weighing only 8 ounces (227 grams), this battery-powered USB CD-R drive uses mini (80mm) CD-R discs to store and play up to 185 megabytes (MB) of digital information and is compatible with all CD-R and CD-ROM drives. You can record three hours of MP3 music or six hours of WMA music in less than five minutes.

RipGO! is currently available at a suggested retail price is $399. For more information, visit Imation.


The new Imation FlashGO! desktop reader/writer is the world's first massive storage compliant multi-slot Flash memory card reader/writer. It supports all Flash and memory-card formats including CompactFlash (Types I & II), SmartMedia, MultiMedia, Secure Digital, Memory Stick and IBM's Microdrive.

FlashGO! is ideal for multi-device owners who want the flexibility and portability of one reader/writer to download all of their memory-card digital information to and from their PC or Mac. The device also allows for easy drag-and-drop functionality between various Flash memory-card formats.

The new FlashGO! memory-card reader/writer builds on the momentum of the portable, single-slot FlashGO! reader/writer, which was recently recognized as a 2002 CES Innovations Award Honoree for Excellence in Design and Engineering.

Availability is slated for the first half of 2002. For more information, visit Imation.


SIM2: HT 300 Projector

SIM2 Multimedia is the leading manufacturer of CRT- and DLP-based video projection systems for home entertainment, including the award-winning line of Grand Cinema DLP-based projectors. The Grand Cinema line is compatible with all picture standards, including High Definition ATSC, and is connectable to any source. The compact and lightweight HT 300 is the latest addition to the Grand Cinema line.

The HT 300 has incredible accuracy in color reproduction, which plays a vital part in creating a film-like image.


Key points:

  • True contrast ratio - greater than 1100:1
  • Six-segment color wheel
  • Double keystone adjustment
  • New 16:9 (1280x720 pixels) DMD chip by Texas Instruments for 720p native HDTV resolutions Remote input interface

The HT 300 is available now at the suggested retail price of $14,995.00. For more information, visit SIM2.


Franklin: Merriam-Webster® Dictionary & Thesaurus

Franklin Electronic Publishers was at the CES show with a variety of both new and restyled products. Franklin products include dictionaries, bilingual dictionaries, encyclopedias, Bibles, and a variety of other education, entertainment and family health publications. An upcoming product is the Merriam-Webster Dictionary & Thesaurus, MWD-1450.

This product can connect to the Internet for downloading additional content and includes fun and educational games.


Features include:

  • Automatic spell correction for 100,000 words (with complete definitions)
  • 500,000 synonyms and antonyms
  • 4,600 SAT words for study and practice in word games
  • Four learning exercises to promote word study
  • Touchscreen
  • Five-line display
  • Learn-a-Word - Displays new word and definition when unit is turned on
  • Calculator and metric/currency converter
  • Book card slots (Bookman® expandable)

Superior search features and immediate reinforcement help improve vocabulary and word retention. The device will be available in June 2002 with a suggested retail price of $59.00. For more information, visit Franklin Electronic Publishers.


Samsung: Palm-Powered Phone

Samsung introduced America's first fully integrated Palm-powered phone with a color screen. If you're looking to maximize productivity and minimize devices, the SPH-I300 is the most practical and user-friendly digital device yet. It combines the full functions of the Palm OS® PDA and a wireless phone with a color screen, one-handed dialing and a sleek, lightweight design.

The I300 features a full 8-bit, 256-color touchscreen panel, plus standard and advanced wireless capabilities. The I300, which employs CDMA technology, lets you do everything from beaming contact information to scheduling meetings and referencing downloaded e-mails while talking on the phone.


This wireless phone and handheld computer eliminates the need for people to carry a separate PDA, laptop and wireless phone. Palm users will enjoy familiar applications, such as Date Book, To Do List, Memo Pad, Expense, HotSync and Address Book, all fully integrated in the phone. Some other time-saving features include voice-activated dialing, voice memo, speed dial and call logs.

The I300 weighs 6 ounces (170 grams), offers speakerphone capabilities, the option to mute during calls, Web browsing through the Openwave Mobile Browser 4.1 and support for Web clipping. Users can download Palm OS-compatible applications and a variety of games, as well as access the MyPalm portal, which provides wireless date book and access to e-mail and wireless content.

For more information, visit Samsung.


Cobra Electronics

Cobra Electronics, a leading global manufacturer of mobile communications products, introduced 19 new products at the CES show. Four products won CES Innovation Awards! Cobra has also introduced a new product category: handheld GPS products designed for recreational use.

Cobra debuted three innovative new handheld GPS products: GPS 100, 500 and 1000. They are developed with an easy-to-understand interface and offer a variety of features depending on the needs of the individual user.

GPS 1000

The GPS 1000 is the most comprehensive GPS unit in 2002. It features 500 waypoints, 50 routes, "points of interest," PC interface, and a street-level detailed map for the road tripper. In addition, the GPS 1000 includes worldwide cities, state boundaries and a global map. It has a 2-MB U.S. database and optional eight-language software featuring English, Spanish, Italian, French, Portuguese, Dutch, Swedish and German. The PC interface enables users to download maps and other navigational tools from personal computers. The waterproof product also features a large, easy-to-read screen.

All Cobra GPS products will be available in August 2002, at a suggested retail price is $129.95 to $209.95. For more information, visit Cobra Electronics.

Radar Detector ESD-9160

Cobra Electronics introduced seven compact, high-performance radar/laser detectors. Each is designed to maximize awareness of driving environments in order to reduce the risk of accidents and traffic violations. A standard safety feature on the 2002 radars is Cobra's patented Safety Alert® System, a technology that provides motorists with advanced warning of approaching emergency vehicles, trains, buses, road construction vehicles, public utility vehicles and other potentially hazardous vehicles that are equipped with Safety Alert transmitters.

With the safety and convenience of travelers in mind, Cobra's ESD-9160 10-band radar/laser detector features an electronic compass. The compass consists of four LEDs that provide eight-point direction. Also standard are five visual alerts and nine audio alerts, SmartMute, AutoMute, LaserEye, City/Highway switch, Safety Alert and Strobe Alert safety systems, memory and ultra-bright data display with LED backlit icons.

The ESD-9160 will be available in March 2002 at a suggested retail price of $139.95. For more information, visit Cobra Electronics.

Sennheiser: Orpheus Headphones


Sennheiser is the number-one manufacturer in wireless transmission technology and one of the leading producers of studio and stage microphones. Each handmade Orpheus system is a unique combination of a vacuum tube amplifier and electrostatic headphones, and represents a milestone in the art of headphone manufacture.

This is a true musical revelation for the demanding audiophile. Features include:

  • Electrostatic transducer speakers
  • 1-micrometer diaphragm, gold-plated (vapor technique)
  • High-end valve (electronic tube) amplifier
  • All-valve analog signal path
  • On-board dedicated bit stream digital-to-analog converter

Orpheus is available at a suggested retail price of $14,900.00. For more information, visit Sennheiser.

JMTek: 1-GB USB Drive

Many of today's consumer electronics products use Flash memory, which, unlike regular computer memory, doesn't forget data when the power goes off. One of the first devices to use Flash memory was the digital camera. The Flash USBDrive puts Flash memory technology into the "World's Smallest Drive."

The USBDrive is the size of a car key or a five-piece pack of gum. It allows the user to transport digital assets both securely and quickly. With the USBDrive, you can quickly synchronize personal files between computers at work, home or school without the hassle of cables or compatibility issues.

The drive works on both Windows and Macintosh computers. The Flash USBDrive lets you know when it is properly connected and has power. It indicates when data is being read or written to the drive. The "write protect" switch provides additional security against accidental erasure.

JMTek currently offers the Flash USBDrive and the new Driverless USBDrive in several different sizes. The capacities start at 16 MB and run through 1 GB. The option of VME is also available. Look for the NEW USB 2.0 coming in March 2002. For more information, visit JMTek


JMTek, LLC, now can offer the USBDrive with encryption for its corporate and end users through its alliance with Meganet. This new alliance provides the IT industry with the first and only 1-million-bit encryption in the removable storage arena.

Meganet is a client-focused, data security company. Meganet has developed a revolutionary symmetric encryption algorithm called Virtual Matrix Encryption (VME). The power of VME results from the million-bit key and from a unique data mapping technology that creates exceptionally random cipher text.

For more information, visit Meganet.


Recently released, the V200 Personal Communicator from Motorola is a next generation communication tool. This unique device combines the full functionality of a wireless phone, a powerful speakerphone, and a PC-like keyboard that makes two-way messaging faster and easier than ever. Also, it includes a WAP browser for Internet access and wireless e-mail. The V200 is the first CDMA device to combine phone and text with a QWERTY keyboard, so you can use your preferred method of communication -- talk or text -- without carrying more than one device.

Features include:

  • Hands-free ear bud/microphone for privacy, ease and safety
  • Built-in speakerphone - great for conference calls
  • Voice-activated dialing for up to 20 contacts
  • Large, six-line text display for clear readability
  • Discreet vibrating incoming-message indicator
  • Access to your e-mail and favorite Web sites
  • Instant messaging with Yahoo! Messenger for Verizon Wireless
  • Talk and text at the same time
  • Customized information alerts - stocks, news, sports and more

The V200 is available to Verizon customers. For more information, visit Verizon.


Canon has two new digital still cameras -- PowerShot S30 and S40. With 3.2 and 4.0 megapixels, they are positioned as upper mid-range products that can be used and enjoyed by every type of photographer, from beginner to pro.

The PowerShot S30 and S40 feature a high-resolution, 7.1 to 21.3-mm 3X optical zoom lens (equivalent to 35 to 105-mm in the 35-mm format), three-point auto focus, and 13 shooting modes that range from fully automatic to fully manual. Other advanced features include compatibility with Type I and II CompactFlash cards, a high-speed plug-and-play USB Interface, movie mode, a new feature called "My Camera Settings," Microsoft Windows XP compatibility, and Direct Printing using Canon's new 820D Bubble Jet Printer.

The S30 and S40 have some design and appearance changes from the other PowerShots. Voice Memo is a new feature for these cameras and allows users to record up to 60 seconds of audio, which can be attached (as a separate .WAV file) to any still image. It boasts the fastest shutter speed in its class -- 1/1,500 second. The PowerShot S30 features ISO 800, which is rarely found in its class.

The S30 costs $599 and the S40 costs $799. For more information, visit Canon.


At the CES show, XGAMING announced the U.S. release of the X-Arcade. The X-Arcade is the video game industry's first multi-platform gaming device using XGAMING's X-MS technology. This technology allows X-Arcade to work with any game system, including PlayStation and PS2, Dreamcast, PC, Mac, XBox, GameCube and N64.

The technology is receiving industry-wide recognition as the first attempt to unify gaming systems under one standard of input control, so video game players can use one device across a multitude of systems. The X-Arcade is a high-end gaming solution for anyone looking to relive arcade classics from the past on their PC, Mac or gaming console, or play arcade-style fighting and sports games on any current or future console.

A mammoth, it weighs 10 pounds (4.5 kg), is a two-player hand-constructed product made completely of wood and authentic arcade parts, and has 20 buttons as well as side pinball activators. It has replaceable parts and can be switched between digital (D-PAD) or analog (thumbstick) simulated.

The X-Arcade comes with a PC adapter and your choice of a free adapter for a console (XBox, GameCube, PlayStation, PS2, N64, Dreamcast or Mac). Additional adapters are available. It is currently in stores with a suggested retail price of $199.95. For more information, visit XGAMING.

Cerwin-Vega: V Series Speakers

Cerwin-Vega, the manufacturer of high-performance loudspeaker systems for home, car, and professional applications, introduced the V series line, consisting of four full-range floor standing loudspeaker systems, two dynamically powered subwoofers, a versatile bookshelf monitor and a dedicated center channel loudspeaker. It includes newly designed woofer and subwoofer drivers featuring EX Extended Throw Technology for lower and louder bass response.

Newly designed midrange drivers offer improved damping and output for better vocal performance with less distortion. New V series tweeters, utilizing blue Mylar or blue treated cloth domes, offer smoother high-frequency response, greater power handling and improved reliability.

  • Three-way tower speakers (three styles) have a rated power handling from 200 to 400 watts. Suggested retail prices are from $249.95 to $399.95 each.
  • Two-way tower speaker handles 150 watts with a suggested retail price of $179.95 each.
  • Two-way bookshelf monitors feature a power handling of 125 watts and suggested retail price of $69.95 each.
  • Two-way center channel feature a power handling of 150 watts and suggested retail price of $119.95 each.
  • Subwoofers (two styles) have a rated output of 100 or 150 watts and suggested retail price of $329.95 to $399.95 each.

For more information, visit Cerwin-Vega.

Brother: IntelliFax 1800C

Brother International, a leading distributor of fax, printer and multi-function products, introduced IntelliFax 1800C. The 1800C is a color inkjet fax and copier. It is a full function fax machine utilizing Brother's piezo-based color inkjet technology.

This plain-paper color inkjet fax has 8 MB of memory and stores up to 480 pages for out-of-paper reception. It prints faxes and copies quickly and efficiently for either black-and-white or color. Dual-access capability lets you QuickScan faxes into memory while sending or receiving.

Other convenient features include:

  • Built-in telephone handset
  • 100-sheet paper tray
  • Auto fax/tel switching for receiving fax and phone calls on a single line
  • Stores up to 112 fax or phone numbers for automatic dialing, fax forwarding, paging and remote retrieval

Another important added value of the 1800C is the USB interface that comes standard. The USB interface lets the 1800C be used as a printer as well. The driver is available for free via download, and the USB cable must be purchased separately.

Available in January 2002, the suggested retail price will be $199.00. For more information, visit Brother.

SanDisk: 1-GB CompactFlash Card

Expected to be available February 2002, SanDisk announced the world's largest-capacity CompactFlash card in standard I format: the 1-gigabyte CompactFlash card. The card weighs half an ounce (14 grams) and is the size of a matchbook.

The new high-capacity card will typically be able to store, for example, more than 1,000 digital images. It will also be able to store mare than 20 hours of digital music and several hours of video.

The growing popularity of high-resolution digital cameras, digital music players and other consumer electronics is boosting the demand for large-capacity CompactFlash cards. The 1-gigabyte card is a technological breakthrough for the company. These cards demonstrate how rapidly Flash technology is moving forward. SanDisk currently has CompactFlash cards available in capacities ranging from 16 MB to 512 MB.

The 1-gigabyte card is expected to sell for under $800. For more information, visit SanDisk.

Wurlitzer Soda Machines

Wurlitzer, known for quality music and vending products worldwide, has teamed up with Coca-Cola and Harley-Davidson to create two refrigerated, nostalgic soda machines.

Wurlitzer has replicated the famous Coca-Cola Model 44 vendor that was originally introduced in 1956. Unlike the original, which only had one selection of soda available, this unit can serve two of your favorite beverages in cans or bottles.

The Harley-Davidson Roadhouse Collection design soda machine features the nostalgic side graphics from the Harley-Davidson archives. The machine has the famous "Bar and Shield" logo embossed on the upper front panel.

Features include:

  • Free or coin-activated modes
  • Two beverage selections
  • Storage for up to 64 12-oz cans
  • Holds cans or bottles

For more information,visit Wurlitzer.