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What is a Designated Learning Institution in Canada?

By Casey April 14, 2023 4 min. read

In Canada, a Designated Learning Institution (DLI) is a school or educational institution that has received government approval to accept and host international students. A letter of approval from a DLI is required in order to receive a study permit in Canada.

International students’ compliance with the conditions of their study permits and with Canadian immigration laws falls under the responsibility of DLIs. The idea of a Designated Learning Institution is crucial in Canada for the following reasons:

International Students Recieve Quality Education

Canadian DLIs are held to strict quality assurance criteria to guarantee that they deliver the best education to international students. To continue to be qualified to host international students, they must continue to achieve strict requirements and uphold high standards.

Aids Foreign Students in Adhering to Immigration Laws

To avoid any legal problems as an international student, it’s crucial to make sure you adhere to Canadian immigration laws. International students who need assistance with the difficult application, renewal, and compliance processes can turn to DLIs.

Allows International Students to Work in Canada While Studying

DLIs are in charge of ensuring that foreign students abide by the rules on working while enrolled in classes in Canada. They need to make sure that international students who want to work are guided and supported in doing so, and that they adhere to the conditions of their study permits.

Offers a Secure and Encouraging Environment

DLIs are in charge of making sure that overseas students are in a secure and encouraging learning environment. They must offer resources and assistance to international students as well as abide by all rules and regulations of Canada, particularly those pertaining to health and safety.

Makes the Transition to Permanent Residency Easier

Many overseas students prefer to stay in Canada after finishing their studies and applying for permanent residency. DLIs play an important role in assisting overseas students with this transition by offering guidance and assistance with the application process.

What Schools in Canada Are a DLI?

Every primary and secondary school in Canada is a DLI.

To accept international students, post-secondary schools must obtain permission from the provincial government. If you want to study at the post-secondary level in Canada, check sure your school and program of study are on the list of Canadian DLIs below.

If you plan to stay in Canada after graduation, you will want to be sure to choose a DLI that allows you to apply for a Post-Graduation Work Permit.

Canada Designated Learning Institutions List

British Columbia DLIs

Alberta DLIs

Manitoba DLIs

Nova Scotia DLIs

Ontario DLIs

Prince Edward Island DLIs

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