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Canadian Immigration Resources for Newcomers

There is much to navigate when looking to immigrate to Canada. We have compiled all the resources you will need for your immigration journey from being interested to after arriving in Canada. Here you will be able to find useful information for foreign nationals who are interested in Canadian immigration. 

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Learn how to immigrate to Canada from your specific country of origin. There are various pathways of employment, family sponsorship, study, and visiting Canada from different countries. Find out more on how to immigrate to Canada from specific countries. 

Information on how to immigrate to Canada from specific countries.

If you’re planning on settling in Canada there are several things that you should be aware of in order to make your transition to a new country smooth. Newcomers in Canada sometimes need help with settling into this new country. We have compiled several items that you should do once you prepare to arrive in Canada. 

Help with settling in Canada for newcomers

The immigration process is often a challenging one to take on alone. That is why so many people have chosen VisaPlace to ease the process, and to guide them through all the options available. We have helped countless individuals and families discover the best immigration options for them. See how our lawyers at VisaPlace have helped clients succeed in immigrating to Canada.

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Government Policy/Plans

There are three main governing agencies that control much of the immigration programs, policies, and security throughout Canada: IRCC, IRB, and CBSA. These three agencies are here to ensure you have all the resources for your Canada immigration needs. You will learn more about these government agencies and how they affect Canadian immigration.

Learn more about the Canadian government

Canada itself counts near 145 embassies and 185 Consulates across the world. Find a Canadian Embassy or Consulate by country for Canadian Immigration Services. A list of Canadian Diplomatic Missions abroad that offers information, contact details, and services for Immigration to Canada.

Find the closest embassy or consulate near you