Behind the Lens

I thought some viewers might be interested to know who is behind the images you will see in this site, so I decided to dedicate a post about me – Rita Marie.

IMG_2237e WP

Processed with VSCOcam with m3 preset
Processed with VSCOcam with m3 preset

IMG_0295 WP

I consider 2006 the year I started shooting professionally (because that’s when I got paid actual cash for doing this craft that I love). York University in Toronto, Canada hired me to be their Official Sports Photographer. After a while, I realized I wanted to venture into something other than sports photography, so I worked with Elite Models (also in Toronto). I started shooting with their upcoming faces and working with them gave me a glimpse of what industry I am venturing into.

Fast forward.

A few years later, I am a published and four-time award winning photographer based in Manila (as of the date of this post). I have worked with top Filipino companies and publications. You can see all my credentials in my LinkedIn page.

I have more dreams and aspirations to fulfill with regards to my art. I’m hoping this site will lead me to the right direction, where the right people can lay their vision on my work and see the potential of what can be created.

UPDATE: May 4, 2018

RZM - AboutRZM - About2


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