Pia in New York

I can start this post as “One fine day in New York…” but being with the then reigning Ms. Universe was no walk in the park (though we did find ourselves in Central Park). As Miss Universe, she took work very seriously and every endeavor was met with a sense of sincere professionalism. Seeing her walk the streets of Manila and meeting her in New York City was thrilling. It was something we’d only dream of, and it was happening. Now that her reign has ended, I believe it’s just the beginning of something greater for her. That I truly believe.

If you’re reading this P, know that whatever happens, know, us, your friends will always have your back. Here’s something I wrote that I’d like to share:

One poignant key many fail to grasp is the importance of true friendship. There are many forms people morph into to be called a friend. The heart and mind may be sometimes fooled by the truth of these beings. But it is only when your souls and spirits form an iridescent light that you know true friendship. That kind of light cannot be manipulated nor can it be put to death.

Side note: there was a bride in the park who needed an eyebrow pencil and approached P saying “Looks like you’re the type of person who would have one. You’re beautiful by the way.” Pia gladly rummaged through her bag trying to find an eyebrow pencil saying, “Of course. It’s your special day, you should look your best!” and jokingly said “I could be your make up artist for the day.” Everyone had a laugh.


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