As Stig

When I first started out as a photographer, the only elements in the shoot would be the model and myself. As time went on, I was unable to mount these types of shoots anymore. Because models would’t want to be seen “as is” – they would always ask for a make-up artist and stylist and the works. Quite demanding, actually. For an unpaid test shoot. I got tired of it and I gave up and stopped asking models to shoot with me one on one. I’d schedule shoots with a lot of people on set – sometimes there can be too much sound going around.


Then Stig came along. The original plan had all these other creatives involved. But as destiny would have it, they had to reschedule. I messaged him to trust me and resume with the shoot – he gladly obliged.


I decided I would dedicate the day to get to know Stig and shoot him. And boy, did we vibe. Look closely at these photos and you will see a conversation of souls – free of ego, full of consciousness.


I came as Ritz and him, as Stig. No one and nothing else mattered. The present was lived and captured. Both honest about who we are to each other, common ground was found. Found in the trials and victories of life are valuable lessons we uncannily noticed.


Moments of particular fondness drew us closer.


He shed himself in front of the camera and right before by eyes – it was a spectacle to watch him transform.


Model: Stig (Elite Manila)
Photographer: Ritz Marie

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