As Karolina

Welcome to my “As…” series. Where I capture beings as they are.

Meet Karolina, a Lithuanian model currently in Manila.


While waiting for the rest of the team, I decided to do some shots with her without any make up and she obliged. Those are the best kinds of models, to be honest. Comfortable with themselves regardless of what they are wearing and able to brave the camera with bare faced strength.


As I delightfully played with light, she danced for me.


After a while, I let her lay down and rest.


Before facing another battle, one must be still.


And listen to the forces unseen. To voices that whisper and spirits that speak.


They will make you remember that, this battle you have already won. Before being who you are, you were one of the whisperers from the unlocked skies. Re-member with yourselves and speak of the war that has passed with love for what it was.

Model: Karolina (Elite Manila)
Stylist: Chris Lee
Photographer: Ritz Marie

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