As Ivan

His name has a special nook in my heart, a great friend of mine is named Ivan. So the expectations for the person under this name is pretty great. Anyway, this Ivan arrived at around 10am and what I first noticed was the sincerity of his smile and then the light in his eyes.


I asked to have a conversation with him before the shoot happened, but in the middle of the conversation, I felt we already became comfortable enough with each other for the session.


His mother tongue is Russian and he is just in the process of being fluent in the English language. He shared with me that one of his dreams is to eloquently communicate in English, and that it was great for him to be in Manila because everyone knows the language and he could practice his skills.


Our conversation started out pretty casually, until we both showed great depths. I felt a certain sense of comfort speaking to him. And I guess, him with me.


When I asked about his mustache tattoo, I learned that he is also a hair dresser. He expressed that when he cuts hair, he does it with his soul – and I found that beautiful. It was that day too he learned the word “soul” (thanks to Google Translate). I was honored to be in the vicinity.


It’s a rarity when someone tries to communicate their soul with you.


As we got deeper into our conversation, the following photos were taken. Notice the potency of something in his eyes. The potency of his soul, he shared with me – and I am honored.


The sitting was so relaxed yet highly intense.


Then we both had to just relax.


Before he left, he told me, “This shoot is memorable.” And on that I agree with him wholeheartedly.


Model: Ivan (Elite Manila)
Photographer: Ritz Marie

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