As Mica

Uncertain where to begin with this story, because there is just so much history – let me start by telling you that she is my sister (by choice, literally my “soul sister”). We’ve known each other since we were awkward teenagers.


But for like (let me count) twelve years, we missed seeing each other.


I moved to study in Toronto, and she moved to pursue acting in Los Angeles.


Funny story, during my 18th birthday (my “debut”), she spearheaded in creating one of the most memorable gifts I’ve received, like, ever. Her and other friends made a surprise video for me and the concept was that I was a celebrated photographer. And they were interviewing my other friends who spoke in the mindset of my future character.

Note to self: Find a copy of that video.


Our lives went on different directions down the same path.


How ever life went for us, we chose to challenge the distance.


Thanks to the mighty internet, we kept in touch. Constantly updating each other with our lives. So, after more than ten years of not seeing each other, you know what we did? We took a nap. It was glorious. Before, we had this thing where we’d pretend sleep. For no reason, just to take a pause – maybe.


Sis has this theory that we were both starstruck with each other.


And I am inclined to agree with her, because though she paused her passion for acting – she’s still a star in my eyes, and always will be.


Model: Michaela Froilan
Photographer: Ritz Marie


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