As Ara

Ara and I have known each other for a few years now, but we only got the chance to have a session recently. I always thought photographing her would yield interesting results, and wow – was I correct to assume that! The beauty in this pinay is untapped. Just look at her. Grabe.


Before the session started, she slightly hinted on what angles she was conscious about. I listened and took those into consideration. But when we started shooting, her being transformed infront of the camera. I began to love all her angles, so diverse.


There is so much rawness in her beauty that the world has yet to see.


Let me tell you, this pinay has not even started yet.


I absolutely adore the beauty mark on her cheek. Beforehand, she told me she was conscious of her nose (that it had certain angles, etc.) and I just found that absurd because her nose is amazing, from my perspective at least. You see, in the Philippines, having a sharp nose is considered a beauty standard. It’s been so ingrained in our media that to have a sharp nose is beautiful that many, Ara included, question the beauty of this one part of their body.


As the music changed, so did our moods.


We exchanged stories and got to know each other more.


She grew more beautiful as she revealed herself.


The light transformed her angles as the sun set on our conversations.


As in GRABE.


Filipina beauty at its finest.


As the day gave way to night, we continued to just be us – together.


We exchanged marvels about this beauty of life.


As we got deeper in the session, I saw how beautiful the blood of a Filipina is, and even I began to appreciate my own heritage beauty.


“Ang ganda ng Pinay.” I thought to myself.


More than the beauty of her physicality, the beauty of this being’s soul is awe-inspiring.


As the night went on, I decided to share with her my journal.


In her hands is the Journal of Lucid Dreaming. My journal. Me.

An interesting realization just happened. I realized that once I share this journal, I do not know what will happen. Pardon me as I ponder and type. You see, I poured so much of myself in that notebook and I’ve kept it private for a long time. It came to a sharing-point when I realized that the story is beautiful. I decided to self-publish my journal because I wanted to have full creative control of my actions. Felt good to finish the first edition of this project. More about my journal later on.


Going back to Ara, she is such a stunning vision.


In darkness and light, her beauty remains.


Ariella Arida. What a name.

Ariella, sounds synonymous to the grace of water (in my own imagined vocabulary).


Whatta muse. Grabe, ganda mo madam. Yun lang, the end.


Model: Ara
Photographer: Ritz Marie

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