Mission & Vision




To create.
To live.
To prosper.

To CREATE, exceptional content using various media channels targeted to individuals who seek inspiration in the light of truth, love and joy.

To LIVE, life with vitality centered on awakened growth assisted by purposeful action towards a higher perception of presenting the now.

To PROSPER, with wise confidence knowing that talent is the true currency that matters and to honor each being with equal respect and mutual understanding.



To speak inspiringly.
To share joyfully.
To foster lovingly.

To SPEAK INSPIRINGLY, of the truthful and imagined realities in the realm of existence that embodies this life.

To SHARE JOYFULLY, even the darkest stories that enlightened lessons will be realized.

To FOSTER LOVINGLY, relationships of mutual benefit, and gain inspired content that will move hearts, minds and souls.


Professional Timeline

2018    Lucid Dreaming, Magatama Gallery – Osaka, Japan

2018    Stardust., Arbilo Galerie – Paris, France

2018    The Journal of Lucid Dreaming (book launch), Pineapple Lab – Makati City, Philippines

2018    Lucid Dreaming 2.0, XX:XX – Makati City, Philippines

2017    Speaker, PRISM: Neon City, De La Salle University – Dasmariñas, Philippines

2017    Lecturer, Human Portraiture, ASPACE – Makati City, Philippines

2017    Lucid Dreaming, A Space Gallery – Makati City, Philippines

2008   Graduated from York University – Toronto, Canada

2006   Official Sports Photographer for the York University Lions – Toronto, Canada

2005   Graduated from University of Asia and the Pacific – Metro Manila, Philippines

2002   Gifted with her very own first film DSLR camera

Selected Awards

2015    Editorial Photographer of the Year, International Photography Awards

2015    Gold: Editorial – Category Winner, International Photography Awards

2015    Gold: People/Portrait – Category Winner, International Photography Awards

2015    Gold: Editorial – Personality Category Winner, International Photography Awards

2013 Anvil Award

2012 Araw Values Award – Platinum

2012 Quill Award

2012 Catholic Mass Media Award

2012 Lopez Achievement Award


Artist Statement

The experiences and moments we are given in life may sometimes seem like random coincidences, but when one begins to notice the fine details that fit perfectly – that is the time when realization begins to sink in of the ethereal nature of our beings. That adamant belief in the pureness of spirit is the foundation of my creation. I developed a way of capturing people by channeling the brightness from within the person more than any light found externally. Every session is a soulful sitting between subject and artist and the end result is more than a photograph, but a still moment shared between beings with the base of trust, vulnerability and beauty.