Branding: Artist Imaging

What we help individual artists do is find the authenticity in their own self-brand.

There’s this saying about a photo and a thousand words. However, in this day and age, I think the thousand-word analogy is more challenging. With the largest generation of photo-takers, something that really speaks to the target audience can be hard to come by – there are so many pretty stuff (and not-so-pretty too). No one wants to read into all the thousand words the photos are saying anymore. Since the challenge is to stand out of the dysphoric clutter nowadays, images need to be more carefully considered. Below are a few examples of artists we have worked with closely.

Unique Salonga

Aruga from ritzmarie on Vimeo.

I wrote about our first collaboration here. Looking back, what a fruitful endeavor for the studio that has been. The first image below was used for his single.

“Midnight Sky” by Unique Salonga, Single Art by RzM Creative Studio
“Grandma” Album by Unique Salonga

He has since then, released an album in which the studio collaborated with the label and other artists to form.


His concert posters for “The Grandma Tour” was conceptualized and executed by our creative house.IMG_0499

Earl Generao

“Katabi” by Earl Generao, Single Cover by RzM Creative Studio


Kindly contact us should you be urged to inquire about our services.

Integrated Marketing: Food Study

The first order of creative business we had was conceptualizing “Enjoyable Flavors” as a mainstay for the brand’s identity. From then, we laid out a creative bible for the visual branding of the company for their different marketing channels. The studio provided the product shots used for the weekly scheduled posts. Bangus Sisisg Lettuce Wrap 2IMG_9816IMG_9781

Posts on social media were mediated by a copywriter.Promo Layout-03Promo Layout-05Promo Layout-04

All-in-all, we continue to provide Integrated Service Package (contact us for rates) formed with creativity.Gourmade_Official Layout-01Enjoyable Flavors-03Enjoyable Flavors-02Enjoyable Flavors-01

Thank you for your time and curiosity – follow this link should you wish to know more about the studio.


Visual Branding: Portraiture

I have had numerous commissioned works for portraits but however do not post them on my website for the privacy of each individual or family – unless I have asked permission. So, to showcase my portraiture portfolio, I have decided to post these portraits instead taken for Rockwell published in The Philippine Star by RitzMarie Creative Studio.

The studio is open to personal portrait commissions, just contact us.

Allure — Rockwell 1bAllure — Rockwell 1cAllure — Rockwell 1dAllure — Rockwell 2aAllure — Rockwell 2bAllure — Rockwell 2cAllure — Rockwell 3aAllure — Rockwell 3bAllure — Rockwell 3cAllure — Rockwell 4aAllure — Rockwell 4cAllure — Rockwell 4b

Art: “Lucid Dreaming”

The Abstract

In this exhibit, Ritz Marie declares her state of personal vulnerability. Each photograph serves as a personal letter to the viewer. A show that was more than ten years in the making reveals growth in many aspects of her individuality and her artistry. It was during her conscious state of imaginative contemplations that all her work was transformed into reality. The photographs are intertwined with paintings from various artists whose work was drawn to her soul. The photos represent her reality while the paintings represent the interconnectedness of her imagination and inner world to others.

Taken as a whole, the show is a story about self-discovery, with a study in beauty, melancholy, nostalgia, growing pains and subtle joy from within – the kind of joy that illuminates the soul, but is not necessarily reflected through a smile. Additionally, the current showcase of moments, reflect the being of her soul, injected with a sense of connectedness and wonder with others where personal relationships lay.


Image Title: “Dear You,
Would you still love me with the same exuberance if I revealed all my broken pieces?”

Sharing with you some beauty, from pain.

Left Image Title: “Dearest True Self,
I dare you to have vision.”
Right Image Title: “Dearest True Self,
I dare you to speak only of truth that inspires.”
Left Image Title: “Dearest Sound Guide,
Your melody keeps me sane during the darkest mornings.
Right Image Title: “Dearest Sound Guide,
Your music keeps me company during frightful circumstances.

Excerpt from an interview with Julia Arenas for ABS-CBN:

Julia: “What spurred your work for your exhibit “Lucid Dreaming” and what was your approach or concept behind the process of graphically treating photos you took?”

Ritz: “It was spurred by the need to communicate my inner world and was actually quite a therapeutic process. I wanted to tell a tale of a person going through phases in life. When you view the exhibit as a whole, you might be able to tell that there are phases of trials, madness, solitude, healing, acceptance, and more. I wanted to create a relatable show wherein the viewer sees fragments of themselves when they see the art and read the titles.” 


Image Title: “Dear Unlocked Skies,
Continue revealing unimaginable treasures.”

To-date, the “Lucid Dreaming” collection has been invited to exhibit four times:

  1. ASPACE Greenbelt, Makati City, Philippines – April 2017
  2. XX:XX, Makati City, Philippines – March 2018
  3. Pineapple Lab, Makati City, Philippines – May 2018
  4. Magatama Gallery, Osaka, Japan – December 2018
Left Image Title: “Dear Unseen Wonders,
Awaken in me the realization of your beauty.”
Right Image Title: “To the Heart on my Sleeve,
Fret not, for you are loved in marvelously unimaginable ways.”

Note: Contact the studio if you are interested in commissioning the artist for a “Lucid Dreaming” piece of your own.

Fashion Department


Above is a moving-image compilation of work from various projects in the discipline of fashion / beauty / editorial. However, in essence, it is a narrative.

While below, is a collection of fashion photographs from different labels and projects from the year-end portfolio of 2018.

Ritz Marie Print Folio3Ritz Marie Print Folio4Ritz Marie Print Folio5Ritz Marie Print Folio6Ritz Marie Print Folio7Ritz Marie Print Folio8Ritz Marie Print Folio9Ritz Marie Print Folio10Ritz Marie Print Folio11Ritz Marie Print Folio12Ritz Marie Print Folio13Ritz Marie Print Folio14Ritz Marie Print Folio15Ritz Marie Print Folio16Ritz Marie Print Folio17Ritz Marie Print Folio18Ritz Marie Print Folio19Ritz Marie Print Folio20Ritz Marie Print Folio21Ritz Marie Print Folio22Ritz Marie Print Folio23Ritz Marie Print Folio24