Branding: Artist Imaging

What we help individual artists do is find the authenticity in their own self-brand.

There’s this saying about a photo and a thousand words. However, in this day and age, I think the thousand-word analogy is more challenging. With the largest generation of photo-takers, something that really speaks to the target audience can be hard to come by – there are so many pretty stuff (and not-so-pretty too). No one wants to read into all the thousand words the photos are saying anymore. Since the challenge is to stand out of the dysphoric clutter nowadays, images need to be more carefully considered. Below are a few examples of artists we have worked with closely.

Unique Salonga

Aruga from ritzmarie on Vimeo.

I wrote about our first collaboration here. Looking back, what a fruitful endeavor for the studio that has been. The first image below was used for his single.

“Midnight Sky” by Unique Salonga, Single Art by RzM Creative Studio
“Grandma” Album by Unique Salonga

He has since then, released an album in which the studio collaborated with the label and other artists to form.


His concert posters for “The Grandma Tour” was conceptualized and executed by our creative house.IMG_0499

Earl Generao

“Katabi” by Earl Generao, Single Cover by RzM Creative Studio


Kindly contact us should you be urged to inquire about our services.

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